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What is your next goal?


Top 20 by the end of the year.

I watch a lot of tennis on TV. I always wondered whether the fact of being televised affects your performance in any way. Do you think about fans watching you during the match?


No, I don’t. It’s hard enough to have to beat the guy across the net at this level. Thinking about such a thing would only make things harder ;)

I was just informed that I did not make the cut for college tennis this year, and I was wondering how you deal with the downside of tennis? What gives you the drive to keep going when it gets tough? Remember, “happiness does not lie in happiness, but in the achievement of it”.


When it gets tough, the will to achieve my goals and the love for the game keeps me going.

What’s your favourite basketball team and player?


Miami Heat, Dwayne Wade.

Would you like to learn a new foreign language? If so, which?


Yes, Italian and Spanish.

You said that you love DJ-ing. Who’s your favorite DJ?


Steve Angello, Axwell, Bob Sinclair, Laidback Luke.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time?

I have no idea. I think I will be connected to tennis, but I think it won’t be my main occupation. You never know…

Do you like playing doubles?


I totally do, especially in the last 2 years.

Have you ever thought about modelling or acting?

Satya, India

I’m not really a guy who likes to model, but I looooove acting. I did a small part in a TV series in Serbia and would love to do something again.

Are you planning to get new tattoos in the near future?

Milena, Serbia

Not in the near future :)

How did you start playing tennis, what made you pick up a racket? Whatever it is, I’m glad :) You’re a promising player and I believe you can achieve even greater success, I wish that from my heart!

Vera, Belgrade

As a boy I loved all sports and I was lucky I chose tennis, which, besides my loved ones, I love most in the world.

What’s the best advice you could give to a young player who is trying to reach the next level in their game?

Austen Ward, USA

Do your best in every moment, that’s the only way you will know for sure that you did all you could to succeed.

If you could go on holiday anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Anika, India

Dubai or Miami

What’s one best thing about being a tennis player?

Patrick, Australia

Experiencing what the World has to offer.

I saw you beat Fernando Gonzalez at Wimbledon Centre Court. It was the
best match I have ever seen. What match are you most proud of (win or lose)
and why?

Henry, Wyoming, USA

The match against David Ferrer, Olympic Games, Beijing 2008.

What do you usually eat before a match?


Pasta with olive oil

What do you think is the difference between the player No. 100 in the world and the Top10 one? Hard work, skills, natural talent or something else? Thanks and good luck in 2010!

Chris, Poznan, Poland

My opinion is that it’s a little bit of everything you mentioned.

You mentioned that if you weren’t playing tennis you’d perhaps be a DJ. iTunes has a celebrity playlist feature… can you tell us what your playlist would include?

Sean, Boston

Mainly Progressive House and House songs. Currently my favourite song is Be vs Pacha on Acid by Afrojack (I met him on a plane from Miami this year… a very nice guy)

When your tennis career is over, which I hope won’t happen soon, what would you like to do?

Manja, Novi Sad

I would like to stay in a way connected to the sport itself but also explore life in a different way… but you never know.

Could you tell me how you got your tecnifibre sponsor?

Lucas, Porto, Portugal

Tecnifibre offered me a contract a long time ago… Can’t even remember. I liked the racquet they had designed for me instantly. Since then we’ve been cooperating and I’m extremely happy.

When you are starting a match, how do you gain confidence to play shots close to the lines?

Patrick, Australia

You never try to play close to the lines… At least I don’t. It’s just in you… But I can tell you that a good start or an early break of serve helps the “line hitting”…;)

(The following questions was asked after the semi-final Davis Cup victory) You have shown as today your ability to beat anyone on the court, well played Jankoooo and best of luck. What is going through your mind when serving match point?


I am thinking that it’s a point like any other and that IT needs to be WON…:)

Will you play again in the Belgrade Open?


It’s still a long way till then, so I don’t know. But, of course, I’d love to.

What’s your off-season training routine?


Uff!!! Don’t remind me… Hard, hard six-hour practice sessions under the boiling sun in Kenya.

Are you thinking about changing your racquet soon?

Milos, Zajecar

Not really. I am very happy with TF and the model I am using.

Do you plan to focus more on doubles after your latest results? Who would be your perfct doubles partner?


I will focus more on doubles and will try to find a partner with whom I will play at more than just a few events.

What is your favourite surface to play on?

Dejan, Vancouver

I enjoy playing on grass the most.

Great to see you play in Miami. I am 4.0 aspiring to be 4.5 and wear glasses. Sweat and humidity in Florida is a visibility hindrance but you overcome it. Do you have any recommendations for fellow players in glasses?

Scott, Orlando, US

It’s not bad at all since you can take a break in between points to wipe all the sweat :) I don’t have that big of a problem in that department as I don’t sweat too much.

Have you ever been to Brazil and what age did you start playing tennis?

william topfstedt, sao paolo

Yes. Was in Gramado and Belo Horizonte. Greaaat experience. Started playing tennis when I was 6.

I’ve read somewhere that your father is a professor. What’s his specialization?

Filip, Czech Rep.

Physical Education

Congrats on a great 2010 season, you´ve become my favorite player ;) My question is: What are your goals for the 2011 season, hope to see you at top ten soon. I know you will. Good Luck.

Poncho, Mexico

Thanks! My goal is to stay injury-free for the whole season.

Janko, you beat Roddick after a great match. What did you two talk about when shaking hands after the match?


He’s a great champion. In spite of the upset, he was funny and wished me luck in the next round.

You have shown us today your ability to beat anyone on the court. What is going through your mind when serving match point?


Focus on winning the point, never think that it might be the last game of the match.

I’ve observed your good preference in books, and you seem like a brilliant person. So, who do you have your intellectual conversations with? Or who do you like to talk to the most?

Weena Garcia

I love to talk with my wife about that. And I love the fact the we disagree about stuff sometimes.

Is there anything you would have done differently in the past?


I would have been more serious about this sport in my junior days.

Who is your favorite female player?


Definitely Justine Henin with her game style.

I really enjoy your tennis and I hope you’ll have a good 2010 season :-) My question is: are you interested in painting and what are your favourite painters?

Nele (Germany)

Thanks… Honestly, I don’t really like to paint myself but I love to visit galleries in the cities I go. Favourite 2 would be Salvador Dali and Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio.

Who is your best friend on tour, and is it some of our tennis players?


Besides our players my best friends are Feliciano Lopez, Oliver Marach and Rainer Schuettler.

What do you think, honestly, can you enter the top 10? I believe and I hope you will make it soon :)


Thank you very much. The step that I’m trying to achieve before even start thinking about the top 10 is to enter the top 20. I think I have the quality but as usual for a good ranking one needs consistency, which I definitely have to work on :)

Hi Janko… I know you love reading (like me), so I wonder if you ever thought of writing?


Honestly, I did sometimes, I even began, but it is still far from anything serious.

Which player would you like to play and beat the most? Which tournament would you like to win the most? In my opinion, I think you have the talent to beat any player and win any tournament.

John Goss, USA

Would like to beat Rafa since I was never close, and would love to win Wimbledon the most of all tournaments. Thank you for your kind thoughts and for believing in me.

What films do you watch right now?


Always like to watch good movies… Yesterday on my laptop I saw ‘The Cleaner,’ starring Samuel L. Jackson. Was great. Trying to catch ‘Avatar’ as I haven’t seen it yet.

Do you get recognised much when you travel from one place to another?

Sam B@t

Sometimes I do… Depends on the crowd… Mainly in Great Britain since I played well on grass in the last years.

What’s the best match you’ve ever played in your professional career?


I would say that the best one was against David Ferrer at the 2008 Olympics when he was number 4 in the world. I won 7-6(8), 6-2. Unfortunately, in the second rounf, I had to retire playing against Oliver Rochus.

How do you feel when you have to play your fellow countryman? When are you going to come to Argentine?

Maria Mendoza, Argentine

Honestly, it’s a strange feeling because at that point you don’t look at your opponent as a friend. Argentina is great! I was there once for the South American tour and I am planning to do it one more time before I stop playing.

Do you love travelling? What’s your favorite destination that you have visited so far and what’s the one you would like to go to one day?

Sanja, Srbija

I do love travelling, it’s fun for sure. Favorites would be Australia and the one that I would love to visit is Tibet.

Why do you peak always against the biggest players in the world (last time against Murray :) ?

Mikie, UK

I think that when I play big guys, Top 10 players, former No. 1’s, in my head there is this thought that If I don’t play good I’m going to get killed on the court. There is no option and I have to rise to the occasion, which when I play with other guys, sometimes for some reason I think that I don’t have to play as good to beat them. Then at the end, that costs me the victory.

Biggest hobby apart from tennis?


One of the biggest hobbies is music. I would like to be a DJ.

Is there any female player you spend time with outside tennis courts, not counting Ana and Jelena? :)

Ljiljana, Bijeljina Republika Srpska

Not really, Ana and Jelena are my only female friends I sometimes hang out with at tournaments.

How many hours a day do you practise off season and how many hours during the season (for eg. between two events)?

Jelena, Pariz

Pre-season is probably the worst physical part of the season, training sessions are 6-7 hours per day (including conditioning). When the season starts it is reduced, depending on the current feeling, results, opponents and so on.

When do you think you could break into Top 20, because you do deserve it with your game?? I think this year is yours ;)

Vanja, Cacak

Thank you! I hope that will happen soon, I just need to improve my consistency in making results so I could progress in the ranking.

Tipsa Best of Luck for 2010, I want to know from which university you finish your SPORTS MANAGEMENT degree because I also want to take that degree but in INDIA any university not provide that degree.


BK University of Sports Management.

Who do you think is the greatest ever male tennis player?

Sophie, UK

It’s a given… Roger.

What does your new arm tattoo mean?



What are your 5 favorite books of all time?

Ju, Lisbon, Portugal

1. Genealogy of Morality – F. Nietzsche
2. On the Other Side of Good and Evil
3. The Idiot
4. Writings from the Underground
5. Counsels and Maxims – A. Schopenhauer

Do you think you have influenced young players with your style of playing?

Abraham Hernandez, Brownsville, USA

Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t… :} Aggressive tennis was always enjoyable to me so if they wanna copy me like that, then thumbs up.

What’s your favourite music? (band/group/singer)


I am a fan of House Music; my favourite DJs are Axwell, Sebastian Ingosso, Steve Angello, Freemasons.

Who is your favorite opponent to play against? :)

Robbie, Saint Charles, Missouri, United States

I love to play against Andy Murray and Lleyton Hewitt, even if I lose, cause it always comes down to a “clean” battle from the baseline.

What do you think you would be doing if you weren’t a professional tennis player?

Mike, USA

I think I would be in sport because I have that in me. Maybe I would be a football player or a snowboarder. If not, then I would probably be a DJ :)

What’s the most bizarre thing that has happened in any of your tennis matches?

Anja, X

A long time ago I played the last round of qualies of the small tournament in Egypt. There was a Spanish guy on the other side of the net… 3h match… 5-4 for him in the third set and I got a warning… on 30:30, as soon as I lost the point I showed the middle finger to myself pointing upwards. The chair umpire thought that I was offending Allah. As a result, he gave me the second warning, the point penalty and ended the match.

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